11.00 am update on  Tropical Storm Grace

11.00 am update on Tropical Storm Grace. Image courtesy weather.com

I am writing this letter as I am very concerned about the next tropical storm heading to the Caribbean.  The trajectory at the moment off the Cape Verde Islands has started low!  There is a great possibility that we will get weather from this approaching storm; and there is a possibility that it could impact us as did Erika.

Dominicans need to be prepared ahead of time and make their plans now to be in a safe place away from rivers and anywhere that is vulnerable for landslides or anything at all!

I am writing this letter because I was pretty certain Erika was going to hit us.  I have been writing as a correspondent for www.stormcarib.com for 8 years for Dominica.  I did post on FB and Stormcarib that I thought Erika was coming to Dominica and for people near the river or in a bad area should move to stay with friends..

I do not want to see anymore tragedy in Dominica!  Please be aware and be prepared.  Make your plans now it is better to be safe than sorry.

Grace is likely to reach the islands mid week.  Do check regularly the website above.

Tropical Storm Grace 2