LimeDigicelDominica’s two telecommunication companies have reported that they are working hard to restore full service to its customers.

LIME and Digicel phone service was affected by Tropical Storm Erika. A number of Digicel customers reported being completely without service on the day of the storm.

Digicel issued a statement on August 28, stating that the majority of cell sites are back up in Roseau and surrounding areas.

According to press release issued by Digicel, technical crews are working around the clock to get the remaining sites up.

“The delay in accessing some of the remote areas is due to some roads being impassable – however Digicel Technical Teams from neighbouring St. Lucia are currently making their way to Dominica via boat to assist their colleagues there,” the release stated.

It added that on the Digicel Play side, the TV and Broadband service is back up and running though some areas that are still without electricity are, as a result, also without access to Digicel Play services.

LIME’s General Manager Jeffrey Baptiste urged tolerance in the situation, assuring that the company is doing all it can to restore full service.

Baptiste said that major fiber link was damaged when the Roseau River overflowed its banks.

“We are impacted by external forces and you would have seen the devastation from the Roseau River impacting the west bridge and that would have cost us some significant issues because we have a significant piece of our network running alongside the west bridge. A major fiber link was washed away as a result of the overflowing of the Roseau River and so this is what we are working on.”