Skerrit and Linton in a one-on-one meeting following the formation of the National Reconstruction Advisory Group

Skerrit and Linton meet one-on-one, following the formation of the Parliamentary Advisory Group

Opposition Leader, Lennox Linton, has challenged Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit to set the record straight with regard to conflicting statements he made pertaining to Linton’s interventions in the Parliamentary Advisory Group that was formed following the devastation that Tropical Storm Erika caused to Dominica on August 27th 2015.

Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit, on the 7th of September 2015, described Linton’s intervention in the group that consists of all elected parliamentarians, as “most constructive.” However, two months later, the Prime Minister expressed a completely different view.

“I want to say here that I was very impressed and satisfied with the overall sense of purpose and commitment of all parliamentarians particularly the leader of the opposition honourable Lennox Linton who has been most constructive in his interventions. I believe this formula of parliamentarians working together in the face of adversity has served us well thus far during this repair and restoration period,” Skerrit said on the 7th of September 2015.

But just last week, speaking on a Radio Program on Kairi FM, the country’s leader had this to say of the Opposition Leader’s participation in the advisory group.

“The point is I mean really and truly Linton wasn’t producing anything in that committee,” he said.

However in a live interview on Q 95 FM on Thursday, Linton called on the Prime Minister to make himself clear.

“Only the Prime Minister can account for what he said. Whether what he said then was true, or what he saying now is true that is for him to decide but he cannot leave the people of Dominica with both impressions,” he said.

“And I thank the record for this statement of the 7th of September because at that point we have had two meetings of the group. We had the third meeting the following day on the 8th of September and if I am to offer an opinion, I believe that was the meeting in which I was the most constructive and we had a final meeting on the 21st of September the group has not met since. So again honesty, integrity, decency is important to the leadership of a nation state in the civilized world in 2015.”

The Opposition Leader noted that when the Prime Minister made reference to being satisfied with “all parliamentarians” he was speaking about parliamentarians on both sides of the parliament.

“He [Skerrit] wanted in particular to single out the Leader of the Opposition Lennox Linton for his constructiveness in intervention. In other words the Prime Minister is saying that in the contact that he has had so far and in the meetings he had held and chaired of the parliamentary advisory group on national reconstruction, he was impressed in particular, not with somebody on his team or some people on his team, he was particularly impressed with Lennox Linton, the Leader of the opposition.”

Linton has since indicated that he does not intend to continue to be a member of the group.

The opposition UWP has planned a news conference for Tuesday 17th November at which it is expected that the party will state its position on this matter.