letter to the editorI’m writing this to alert others of a potential ambush set-up that happened to me and others this week.

At approx. 3:30pm on Wednesday I was driving to pick up my children from a friends’ house. I had a full vehicle as I was giving my neighbours a ride. On the road leading from Wotten Waven to Trafalgar, before the low bridge, there was a huge branch that stretched right across the road. There have been a few landslides and road clearing activities recently so it is somewhat normal to encounter debris in the road. The only thing not ‘normal’ about it was that the large branch was balanced on a rock at one end. There was no way to pass so I had to get out of the vehicle and move it. When I got back to the jeep my friend in the passenger seat told me a man had appeared from the bushes, looked at her then ran off.

Later that day some friends using the same route reported that the same incident occurred for them and luckily again they were in a vehicle filled with passengers. The man who got out of the vehicle to remove the branch, suspected a scam and he held his cutlass as a precaution. This group also observed a man in the bushes who ran when he saw that the person was not alone.

We now assume that this obstacle in the road is a set-up and if I or the other driver had been alone we would have been attacked by this person in the bushes. Please beware if you see this happening on a road you are driving on. Lock your doors immediately and reverse your vehicle, wait for company before getting out.

This incident has been reported to the Criminal Investigations Department of the Dominica Police Force and this article only serves as a common-sense warning in case anyone encounters this set-up before the perpetrator is apprehended.