Pierre (right) and his manager Victor have launched a messaging App

Pierre (right) and his manager Victor have launched a messaging App

Competing against giant messaging Apps such a Facebook Chat and WhatsApp may sound rather daunting but 12-year-old Jaheim Pierre is going for it anyway.

Backed by his manager, Terrick Victor, who is also 12 years old, Pierre, from Mero, recently launched Indago Chat on 1Mobile Market.

The App will be available at the end of this week on the Google’s Play Store, Apple’s App Store, Mobogenie, among others.

Pierre is confident that his App is better than WhatsApp because it provides total privacy.

Actually, it was privacy that got the ball rolling into putting the App together.

According to Pierre, WhatsApp doesn’t have a log out feature and anyone who gets your phone has access to your account.

“I came up with the idea of the App when my friend got caught,” he told Dominica News Online. “He was messaging his girlfriend and he got caught. Why he got caught is because Whatsapp doesn’t have a log out button, so he couldn’t log out of the account …”

When Pierre’s friend related the story to him, he immediately decided to create a messaging App which would have a log out feature.

He began working on the App at nine and for three years he laboured at home until Indago Chat was born. He had originally told DNO it took him three days, but has since said it was a mistake.

He said the App is cloud-based and can be used on any platform and any device.

For him privacy was very important while putting the App together and he thinks this is what makes it better than WhatsApp or other messaging Apps.

“It is heavily, heavily encrypted,” the young programmer said. “You information is protected, your information will not be revealed.”

Pierre said he is willing to sell the App to a company since he is going to be very busy with school.

“Any technological company which is willing to manage the App and to maintain it, I will sell it,” he stated. “I have school to go to, I have to maintain my schooling.”

The App is available in a number of languages including Spanish, English, Dutch, Portuguese, Italian and Russian.

Updates will include voice and video calls.

Pierre has created about five other Apps.