Anna-Maria Jerome Creantor

Quite often, news coming out of Guadeloupe related to Dominicans is usually bad, but that’s not necessarily a reflection of all Dominicans living in Guadeloupe.

Many Dominicans who have migrated to Guadeloupe are doing very well and are giving Dominica a “good name” in that country.

Take the example of Anna-Maria Jerome Creantor.

Originally from the village of Paix Bouche, she migrated to the French island with her mother as a young child after Hurricane David.

She became a qualified accountant but she did not work in that field for long  because she was attracted to the work her mother did to send her three children to school and ‘make ends meet’.

Anna’s mother made and sold coconut and peanut tablets and this is probably not the most attractive occupation for a young qualified accountant but that did not deter the enterprising Anna.

In 2001 she started selling her own coconut and peanut tablets and as the old saying goes, ‘the rest is history.’

“I just did it but had no intentions of going further …. as the years passed by and things began getting harder, I just embraced the opportunity and decided to develop it into a business selling in the city of Pointe a Pitre, sik a pistache (peanuts tablet) as it is called in Guadeloupe,” she said.

As business grew Anna began diversifying into different products like coconut cheese, cashew and peanut delicacies for weddings and other events. She also began selling and promoting her products at culinary fairs whenever the opportunity would arise.

With business booming, Anna decided to apply for her own bar code and trademark. Her business is now registered under the name, “KARU-NOUGAT – Confiserie Locale, with the slogan, “I Bon Mem” (It’s really good).

The young entrepreneur’s hard work and originality have not gone unnoticed for her business recently won an award from the Regional Council of Guadeloupe for small businesses using local products.

Earlier this year, Anna’s business was represented at the French trade fair in Paris, France, and she is presently representing Guadeloupe at the New Munich Trade Fair, in Bayern, Germany, where she will be able to meet with professionals from all over the world.

And she is not done yet. “I am prepared to expand as much as I can into other products,” she said.

Some of Anna’s product

Coconut tablet made in the form of the map of Guadeloupe by Anna