BRIDGETOWN, Barbados (15 February 2011) – Caribbean and international business leaders, including those involved in tourism, looking to cash in on green tourism will get practical answers at the upcoming Sustainable Tourism Conference from 3-6 April in Bermuda.

That’s when the internationally recognized expert in sustainable tourism development and destination stewardship, Brian Mullis reveals the most powerful means by which tourism businesses and destinations can improve their bottom line through sustainable tourism.

Mr. Mullis will illustrate how Sustainable tourism has evolved from a grassroots movement – or niche market – into part of mainstream corporate and consumer culture and how businesses can make the practice profitable.

“The business case for engaging in “green” business practices is stronger than ever,” said Mullis, who he has assisted hundreds of travel-related companies , including  Fortune 500 companies, in the areas of sustainable tourism, business development, market access, carbon management, and standards development.

“ By embracing sustainable tourism and engaging in the green economy, the Caribbean can benefit in a number of ways including enhanced competitive advantage, improved market differentiation and consumer loyalty, and increased local employment opportunities and opportunities for local enterprise,” he added.

Mr. Mullis will make his presentation on the first full working day of STC-12 as part of the opening plenary entitled, “Strategies for Sustainability Success. This session, which takes place on the morning of 4 April, will focus on some of the key issues that will impact on future Caribbean tourism sustainability  and competitiveness. Other areas to be covered at this session include ensuring that the region has adequate human resource capacity to manage the industry and provide excellent service to visitors and  the need for strategic planning to address climate change impacts.

STC-12, which has as its theme “Keeping the Right Balance: Rising Above the Numbers” is being organised by the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO), in collaboration with the Bermuda Department of Tourism and will be held at the Fairmont Southampton.

For delegates travelling from North America and the Caribbean, American Airlines is offering a 30 per cent discount off published fares. For details on how to take advantage of this special fare and for more information on STC-12, including how to register for the conference, visit

About Bermuda

Bermuda is an astoundingly beautiful stretch of the Atlantic. A mere 1046KM / 650MI east of North Carolina, flights from New York and other eastern US cities reach their shores in less than two hours.

Bermuda operates on Atlantic Time, or one hour ahead of New York and four hours behind London. The Island is an overseas territory of the UK and all of it fits in a cosy 53.7sq km/20.7 sq mi. They boast 120km/ 75miles of dramatic coastline.

Extraordinarily pleasant weather and a distinctive islandscape make Bermudians love their island wholeheartedly and know you will love it too.