A Hummingbird Airline aircraft at the Canefield Airport

A Hummingbird Airline aircraft at the Canefield Airport

Hummingbird Air will be resuming passenger flights to Dominica starting late December this year, President of the airline, Sam Raphael, has said.

He noted that the airline took an internal decision to suspended all passenger flights in order to restructure its operating procedures and make management changes after a recent landing incident in St. Lucia.

“The company is taking time out to retrain our captains and make key personnel changes to better serve the traveling public,” Raphael said.

He expressed his apology to the traveling public for having to suspend flights during the busy Christmas season, however, he feels that the decision was necessary in the long term interest of the company and passenger safety.

He also would like to remind the public that the company still operates cargo and shop-net delivery flights between the US Virgin Islands and Canfield Airport every Monday and Thursday.

Raphael stated that the directors of Hummingbird Air recognizes the importance of air access to Dominica and plans to continue to provide safe and reliable service to the island.