The Waterfront and Allied Workers Union (WAWU), the union representing employees of regional airline LIAT, has said it will consult with the regional trade union body, in light of reports that the carrier may be cutting down its staff.

A news release from the Caribbean Media Corporation (CMC) on Sunday said LIAT is preparing to place close to 100 of its workers “on the breadline.”

However, WAWU’s Secretary-Treasurer Kertiste Augustus, said his union has not been officially notified of any such plans by LIAT and is concerned about that development.

“We have in fact found this to be strange and to be of concern to us,” Augustus said on radio Monday.

“There is something known as the joint conservative mechanism that provides for consultation between the management of LIAT and the unions representing staff once it is felt that any development within LIAT will  be likely to cause a shift in terms of the number of people being employed or any other area,” he stated.

He said it is only after meeting with the regional consultative council of trade unions that the WAWU can respond firmly on the

An Antigua newspaper report stated that LIAT’s Chief Executive Officer Brian Challenger advised LIAT employees that the company would cut staff because it had suffered a loss, the CMC report said.