Some of those who attended the meeting on Thursday

Some of those who attended the meeting on Thursday

Political Leader of the United Workers Party (UWP) Team Dominica, Lennox Linton, has told visiting Dominicans that their travel woes in getting to the island will soon be a thing of the past.

He told members of the diaspora that his party plans on building an international airport if elected to office.

“Just to say to that, help is on the way,” he told the visiting Dominicans at a meeting at the Prevo Cinemall on Thursday.

At the meeting, several of the visiting Dominicans complained that government has invested in regional airline, LIAT, however they still suffer the indignity of being trapped in Barbados and Antigua and are forced to fend for themselves.

One visiting Dominican from London said her experience coming to Dominica was stressful after being stuck in Barbados.

She said she even resorted to calling the British Commissioner since she knew no one in Barbados.

“Dominicans are suffering in Antigua, they are suffering in Dominica,” she stated. “What we are asking is this: if only we could get somebody to represent us…”

She stated that traveling to Dominica “is just too much stress.”

A man questioned why Dominica has pumped $8-million into LIAT.

“What’s in it for Dominicans?” he asked.

He said he recently came to Dominica from Alaska and after booking his flight and waiting for seven hours, was told that LIAT had stopped flying from Puerto Rico to Dominca.

“We had to go to Antigua,” he stated. “Getting into Antigua it was more frustration and another five hours … thank God for the night landing … but anyway we got to Dominica. Still you couldn’t get all our luggage … that was a problem.”

Linton told the visiting Dominicans that hopefully their next trip to Dominica will be more pleasant.

“I am hoping that when you come back to Dominica the next time the experience will be a lot more pleasant,” he stated. “We are the last remaining country in the Caribbean, quarreling with ourselves as to whether in 2014 we deserve to have an international airport…”