Parliamentary Representative for the Roseau Central Constituency Norris Prevost has encouraged Dominicans to be more industrious.

Prevost, who was speaking at a ceremony to mark the registration of a new bee production cooperative, Pure Blossom Hive Cooperative Society Limited yesterday, asked Dominicans to emulate the assiduous and cooperative nature of bees in their everyday lives as it could transform Dominica into a more productive nation.

“They are industrious workers. It’s a model that we can teach our children; it’s an example. I mean, great poets have written about the bees,” he said.

“Bees rise up early in the morning and they go out to work. They work very hard. They work very diligently. They cooperate as a team.  And you know what, the bees also invest in their hives. First in building their hives, then they go ahead further and invest in production and storage of honey. They don’t consume all their honey.

“One of the most interesting things about bees is that they are not beggars they don’t take things for free. For the pollen that the bees take from the flowers, they offer pollination, fertilization, in exchange so that the flowers can develop into fruits. So the bees are not beggars,” Prevost said.

The parliamentary representative reiterated that Dominicans should seek to imitate the lifestyle of bees in order to improve the country.

“And I believe that if we in Dominica were to take a page from the life of the bees we would become a much more productive, industrious and prosperous nation.,” Prevost said.