Ruins Rock Café

More than 12 Dominicans will be without a job in less than one week when a local business in Roseau is forced to stop operating.

The popular Ruins Rock Café, situated adjacent to the Roseau Bayfront will no longer be operating come September 2nd, 2012

Government has asked that the premises which sells local juices and spices be evacuated to accommodate the construction of a vendor’s arcade.

Proprietor of the Ruins Rock Café Serge L’Homme says the decision is not good news at all.

“They want to remove the vendors on the roadside and place them into the building. The vendors say they don’t want to be in a closed spot. Yet still they said they are still going ahead with it,” he said.

L’Homme said it took him 9 years to build the business that he is now being forced to let go of.

“I create all these products. They are Dominica. We have 66 different rum punches made with only herbs and fruits from the island, we have over 20 different flavors of hot sauces made with only fruits from the island and 129 different spices from Dominica,” he said.

He said only local juices are sold in the Ruins restaurant which also boasts of exotic meats that can only be found there.

L’Homme says the removal of his business will deal a major blow to the tourism sector.

“Ninety percent of what we do is for tourism purposes. We sell for tourist and it will affect the industry because the project was tourism oriented. Many tourists would come back and ask for products from the Ruins. Some of them came back year after year and would have others purchase on their behalf,” he said.

He said there is no place like the Ruins in the Caribbean.

“If we move out from here, we have nowhere to go or what to do. We are not getting any compensation because government said they could not afford it,” he said.

L’Homme, a La Plaine native, spent several years in the French islands before returning to Dominica.

He said he plans to hold a farewell party at Ruins on Thursday, Friday and Saturday night  “to give back to the customers”.