Vegetables for sale on the streets of Roseau

Vegetables for sale on the streets of Roseau

It all comes down to money.

Sidewalk vendors in Roseau argue that they are making more of it at their various strategic locations scattered throughout the city than in the confines of a place, like the Roseau Market.

Last week city officials expressed concerns over the level of vending on the streets of the capital with the mayor of Roseau, Irene John, proposing a special location just for them. She noted that she wanted to see a more organized and attractive city.

Roseau Market Superintendent, Julius Carbon, added his voice to the matter saying  sidewalk vending and the sale of market produce on the streets are long standing issues that need to be addressed.

DNO took to the streets on Monday to get an idea of why some vendors prefer to sell on the sidewalk and why it is an advantage to them.

One vendor, who said she is from from Grand Bay, stated that she has a disabled child and a family who depend on her to survive. According to her, it is difficult to make a good sale in the market.

“We staying in the market and we not selling nothing, and when we stay by the roadside, we can sell a few things …. the market doesn’t have no sale at all, at all, at all,” she stated.

Another vendor pitched in saying she used to sell in the market fulltime but when she saw the level of sale going down, she decided to switch to the sidewalks and “hustle the money.”

“I coming in the week, because things are very, very slow …so when we stay by the road side we even helping the tourists,” she stated.

The vendor, who sells vegetable and other goods, stated, “here is a small place, little Dominica, I find is not a problem to be selling by the roadside.”

She said she has been to bigger countries, like England, and there are vendors on the sidewalks of many towns and cities.

Both vendors said that when they requested a license for their location, they were told by past mayor, Cecil Joseph, that they could not receive one.

Other vendors DNO spoke to said they were interested to know the location of the special place being proposed by the mayor.

They said they are eager to know if that place will be able help them support their families.