A man who stole a piece of cheese from business place Save-A-Lot has escaped with a small fine and a warning.

Fifty-four year old Trevor Prentice of Riverbank was told by Magistrate Ossie Lewis  that the magistrate would be lenient because it was Prentice’s first offence.

Prentice pleaded guilty, after being charged for theft of the cheese valued at EC$5.15.

He claimed that he had put the item in his pocket and forgotten it when he went to the cashier.

However, the prosecution dismissed his story, pointing out that the accused had taken the cheese from a chiller in the store and put it in his pocket.

Prentice was then approached by the security guard of the store who had seen him take the item.

He was searched and the stolen cheese  recovered from his pocket.

He has been given until June 15 to pay the fine or face two weeks in prison.