Child abuse cases in Dominica do not appear to be shrinking, as the Welfare Division on Tuesday reported 27 cases for February 2011 alone.

Jemma Azille, charged with coordinating child abuse prevention at the Welfare Division, told a DBS Radio program that most of the cases of child abuse reported last month are sex-related.

This comes after the Division announced at the end of 2010 that cases of child sex abuse topped the forms of abuse against children in that year.

According to Azille there is a serious problem of child abuse in Dominica and the country must rally together to stop it.

“We have children right now in the month of February as young as five with sexual abuse, five years, both boy and girl. So hearing this, I would say we have a serious problem,” Azille stressed.

A child abuse week was set aside in January to draw more attention to the child abuse problem in Dominica.

Martin Anthony, chief welfare officer, said his division is doing its best to carry out intense public awareness on the issue at the school level among other areas.