Pastor Rodney suggests a middle person in a gun amnesty

President of the Dominica Association of Evangelical Churches (DAEC), Pastor Randy Rodney, is suggesting putting in place a ‘middle person’ if there is to be a genuine gun amnesty in Dominica.

He was speaking in light of a series of violent gun-related crimes on the island which left three men dead.

Speaking on the local radio station, Q95, he also expressed concerns that Dominican men are not able to communicate with each other.

He is of the opinion that people with illegal firearms will not surrender them, even if there is an amnesty because they fear reprisals.

“People who have illegal weapons, even if there is an amnesty where they can bring it to the armory, they are not going to do that,” he stated. “They will not do that because they fear reprisals and even if you say that they would not be charged at the time, obviously somebody’s brain is going to tell them that if I take it to the police and the police is responsible for looking at me, they are going to be looking, their eyes are going to be on me.”

According to Pastor Rodney, this where a middle person comes in.

“So if you have an amnesty, a genuine amnesty, you must have a person whom you trust, who these people have confidence will not reveal their names and nature,” he stated.

He is concerned that men in Dominica are not able to communicate with each other in a proper way.

“Our men don’t know how to converse with other people far less other men,” he said. “So that if you find two men who are short on language in terms of their ability to communicate effectively it’s going to always end up in a row, which now that row speaks with guns.”