Bernard has been accused of murder. Photo: Esther Durand, BVI News

Vernon Bernard originally from Dominica has been accused in the British Virgin Islands (BVI) of being the trigger-man and mastermind in what is proving to be one of the most bizarre of murder cases, which left one man dead on February 27, 2018, on Tortola.

Bernard and his alleged accomplices, Maybelline Rodriguez and Rafael Harrigan were brought before Senior Magistrate Tamia Richards earlier this week on charges in relation to the homicide of Trumayne ‘Passion’ Daway.

Reports are that on February 27, Bernard called Rodriguez and told her she “needed to do it,” to which she responded that she ‘would try’.

Following a phone call, it is alleged that she met with the victim and suggested that they go to Brandywine Bay.

“It was clear that he (the victim) wanted to have sex with her (Rodriguez), as he removed most of his clothing. It was at this stage, says the Crown, she excused herself to urinate,” Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) Kim Hollis said.

It was not until she was at a safe distance, that Bernard allegedly fired the shots that killed Daway.

The two then attempted to escape in their vehicle, however, it did not start so they then went on to hijack a truck.

The duo then headed to Harrigan’s home, where they spent the rest of the night, the court further heard.

According to the crown, Rodriguez a Dominican Republic native and the lone female in the plot, lured the deceased through sex to his death, at the pre-planned murder scene in Brandywine Bay.

The messages including photos and videos were allegedly found on her cellphone.

It also indicated that the murder was in the pipeline since mid-February of this year, clearly showing the motive, the plan and the murder weapon, according to the Crown.

It was further revealed by the DPP, that it was Bernard who was the mastermind.

According to information coming from the courtroom, the victim was targeted because he was allegedly the hindrance in Bernard getting money.

The photos of the alleged weapon taken prior to the crime and seen on Rodriguez’s phone, was later determined to be the same weapon photographed at Harrigan’s house, further linking him to the crime.

Bernard and Rodriguez were jointly charged with murder and taking conveyance without authority.

Meanwhile, Harrigan, a BVI native, and Bernard were charged with possession of an AK-47.

They were all denied bail and are scheduled to return to court on May 25.

It is understood that Bernard attempted to commit suicide after the court appearance by trying to hang himself with a shirt.