A former magistrate whose home was fire-bombed on Christmas morning has refused to subject himself to any interview with police.

Police Commissioner Cyril Carrette told Kairi’s Heng program on Thursday that while authorities are attempting to solve the matter, they are not getting the required cooperation from the victim.

Carrette said Glenworth Emmanuel’s refusal to assist police with investigations is impeding the case.

“You are the first person to subject yourself to an interview with the police. You must give the police information then they will investigate that matter inside out. To this day, despite all this media publicity, Mr. Emmanuel has refused to subject himself to any interview from the police and has refused to allow his wife to be interviewed by the police as well,” he said.

Carrette said a statement from Emmanuel was forwarded to the police by a solicitor, days after the incident occurred.

“I would say he is not willing to cooperate with the police because he is the one who is supposed to give vital information to the police. We know how to investigate matters and we don’t investigate based on perception. If we ask you to be interviewed and you refuse then I think you (Emmanuel) is trying to impede the investigations,” Carrette said.

Denny Shillingford has confessed to the Christmas morning crime.

He has not yet been arrested for his claims, however he is serving jail time for another offence.