Newly appointed Police Commissioner, Daniel Carbon, is assuring Dominicans that an alleged firebombing matter involving former magistrate Glenworth O.N Emmanuel has not been forgotten and the police are investigating the matter.

“I want to assure citizens of this country that this matter is being investigated professionally,” Carbon, who took on the job full time on January 1, 2013, said. “We must find the truth on G.O.N Emmanuel, we must investigate this matter, to dot every I and cross every T.”

The top cop is also refuting claims that investigations into the matter have been put on hold. “That is not true at all, people will speculate … the fact is we must investigate the matter with the view of finding the truth … people can say whatever they want.”

Concerning reports that someone has confessed to carrying out the act, Carbon said it would be unfair take such person to court without strong evidence. “You will have confessions, people will say they confess to the crime,” he said. “It will be a mockery and travesty to justice that someone is making a public confession, you take this confession, you take this accused, this suspect, and bring him to court on the basis of the confession and he gets away …that will be a travesty to justice. So we must ensure that we find the truth, satisfy ourselves that we have the evidence, strong evidence to bring the matter to court.”

DNO attempted to contact Emmanuel for a reaction to the new police chief’s statement but we were told that he was unavailable at the time.

However in the past he has made his opinion known on the investigation into the matter. In a letter to then president Nicholas Liverpool in late 2011 he said he believes that there was a conspiracy to pervert the course of justice within the Police Force, and involving the Commissioner of police and the Executive Branch of the Commonwealth of Dominica.