Rijock said the matter will have casualties

US-based blogger Kenneth Rijock has fired back in response to information that he is being sued, saying the matter is going to have casualties and could lead to the fall of the government.

He said is going to defend himself zealously.

“I can tell you that I intend to zealously defend myself,” he said on Q95’s ‘Talk on the Block’ on Tuesday afternoon.

On Tuesday morning, Senior Counsel Tony Astaphan said that Prime Minister, Roosevelt Skerrit, Foreign Affairs Minister, Francine Baron, National Security Minister, Rayburn Blackmoore, and Police Inspector Pellam Jno Baptist have filed a lawsuit against Rijock after he failed to retract allegations he made in a blog post that thousands of blank Dominican passports were issued to Moroccan Ambassador to Dominica, Mohamed Benjilay earlier this year.

Rijock’s allegations were rubbished by the Ministry of National Security and he was told to retract the statements or face court action. He didn’t and the lawsuit was filed at the High Court in Roseau on Monday, May 15.

Rijock is not backing down and he made it clear where he stands on the matter.

“I can tell you that in bringing this case, the plaintiffs have themselves been exposed to producing their own truths as difficult as it may be for them and as such I welcome the opportunity to have my day in court, in that case, and let the stones, and let the troubles fall where it may be,” he stated.

Rijock noted that by the time the case is over “everybody in Dominica will have a list of the people, of the criminals, who have diplomatic passports.”

“They will have a list of everybody who is unsuitable, who is running around the world with an economic citizenship, they will know how much money came into the country from the the earning of the diplomatic passport program and why it disappeared,” he stated.

He also said the assets of all government officials involved in the case will be made known “because when a person chooses to access the courts in Dominica, he must make himself and his information available to the defendant.”

“So this is going to be, I guess you might call it a free for all or a slugfest but the truth ultimately will probably cause the regime to fall and frankly considering that Dominica is seeking to become a democracy, which is now looking like a strongman dictatorship, this may be a catalyst for the change that we need,” he stated.

Rijock said once he is served, he will get a spokesperson or counsel to speak on his behalf.

“But I can assure you that this is going to be a fight to the death and there is going to be some casualties here and it is not going and it is not going to be yours truly,” he remarked.

He added, “the defense of defamation, libel, and slander is truth and there are facts that the government does not want the people to know … I can assure you the truth is going to come out here.”