court2Kurt Jno Baptiste of St. Joseph has been warned by a Roseau magistrate to “control his anger” after he pleaded guilty to battery on a female a nurse.

Court reports indicate that he slammed a door on the nurse’s finger after he believed his girlfriend, who was ill, was not getting medical attention at the Princess Margaret Hospital.

Jno Baptiste had accompanied his girlfriend to the Accident & Emergency Department (A&E) after she complained of feeling unwell.

On arrival an argument ensued between Jno Baptiste and the nurse on duty, since he believed another patient was being given priority.

He was asked to leave the area and upon departing he “forcefully slammed the door” which struck the nurse, injuring her right hand and causing her to seek medical attention.

The police were called and Jno Baptiste admitted to the offense. He apologized but said he was “vex.”

“Your behaviour is unacceptable … the conditions at the PMH are can be horrible but what you did is not acceptable, nurses should not be fearful for their lives at work,” the magistrate stated.

He was fined $2,000.00 to be paid by March 31, 2013 or spend 3 months in jail if he defaults.