A police officer in Roseau

A police officer in Roseau

National Security Minister, Rayburn Blackmoore has assured that more officers will be present on the streets, upon the graduation of new recruits who are undergoing training until September.

Giving his contribution during the 2016/2017 budget debate, recently, Blackmoore stated that uniformed officers will be assigned to street patrol around-the-clock, to ensure citizens’ safety.

“In September, we shall be seeing the passing out of 39 additional police officers… We have to have more police officers on the street. We have to ensure that the beats in Roseau are serviced again, from morning to next morning,” he stated. “We have to go back to the days when we had police officers dressed in uniform on the street, to protect our citizens of this country.”

He went on to explain that more organized patrolling will be arranged in Roseau and surrounding areas.

“You can have police officers going out in those districts to protect and to serve the people in those various areas,” Blackmoore said.

Additionally, the Minister revealed that the Police will receive a larger, more efficient marine vessel.

“We have seen it fit to invest in a proper vessel for the Police department—a vessel whereby they can spend more time on the water, in greater capacity, to confront the crooks and the criminals,” he divulged.

In March, Blackmoore announced that 40 new Police recruits were to begin training, and said that the plan is to bring the Police Force to a full strength of 500 officers.