Julien Prevost


Acting director of Public Prosecutions, Julien Prevost, has disclosed that he is taking steps to prosecute a matter involving former magistrate Glensworth Emanuel.

Prevost, who recently became Ag. DPP, said Friday morning that he had just received the police file on the matter and had spoken to the chief magistrate and the police on it.

According to Prevost, there is enough information in the file to have Earl Grant, otherwise known as Seco, answer to certain questions.

“So I would like to put him on notice that unless he comes willingly to the country before the end of the month, I will be seeking the assistance of the attorney general to have him extradited to Dominica,” he said.

Prevost said that he will be having discussions with the investigating officer in the matter and he hopes some progress is made before his tenure as acting DPP ends.

EmmanuelEmanuel’s home was reportedly fire bombed on Christmas morning in 2010.

Grant’s status as a person of interest in the matter is based on a confession by Denny Shillingford in which he implicated Earl Grant as one of the ‘organizers’ who had hired him to carry out the bombing. He said at the time that he was coming clean because the “organizers did not stick to their end of the bargain.”

Below is an audio recording of Julien Prevost on the GON Emanuel matter and another involving Edward Green.

Burnt car at Emanuel's home
Burnt car at Emanuel’s home on Christmas morning 2010