Carnival celebrations is said to have gone by generally well with very few reported incidents. Acting Assistant Superintendent of Police, Claude Weekes, told members of the media on Wednesday that the number of people apprehended for minor offenses on carnival Monday and Tuesday were under 20, an improvement to the statistics of previous years.

“We are indeed pleased to report that everything went reasonably well as compared to years before. We are pleased to report just a few people from the Roseau catchment area was taken to court this morning. Normally we would have had 40, 50 if not 60 people for the two day period of Monday and Tuesday jump up. However, this time we saw under 20 people and half of those were related to carnival activities. That spells well, in fact, it is unprecedented,” Weekes said.

The police are encouraged by the level of cooperation displayed by the members of the public in ensuring that Dominica’s carnival was a peaceful one.

“Indeed, we see a manifest display of cooperation by the public and we have to commend the public for working with the police and for heeding the call as well. We disseminated quite a bit of information before the celebrations and went on to explain the laws and rules and regulations, stating what was required of the public. However, without the public’s cooperation and participation working together collaboratively with the police, I am not sure that we would be reporting how well carnival went,” Weekes pointed out.

Weekes continued, “Commendations were also in order for the police officers who carried out their functions effectively during the carnival season. There was a notable presence of police officers at activities for this year’s carnival celebrations.”