A 49-year-old man of Mahaut has been given until October 21 (2012) to pay drug fines totaling EC$3,000.00 after he pleaded guilty to the offences of possession and cultivation of cannabis on Monday (May 21, 2012).

Fergerson Joseph appeared before chief magistrate Evalina Baptiste.

Mahaut police say they responded to a report on May 19 (2012) and on arrival  at the home of Joseph found a marijuana tree in a white pail growing in his yard.

Asked for an explanation he replied, “a kali tree I have there officer to make tea instead of coffee.”

Asked to mitigate on his own behalf since he did not have a lawyer, Joseph, a first time offender, told the court, “your honour, I don’t know what to say”.

“You have no previous convictions and have not wasted the court’s time, the maximum penalty for cultivation is EC$100,000,” the Chief Magistrate told Joseph.

She said the prevalence of the “illicit and destructive” drug was a matter of grave concern to her.

Joseph was fined EC$2,200.00 for cultivation to be paid by October 21, 2012 failing which he would land a jail term of seven months jail.

He was also fined a further EC$800.00 to be paid by the same date.