Emmanuel (left), Carrette

Police Chief Cyril Carrette is dismissing suggestions that authorities are not properly investigation the fire attack on the home of former Magistrate Glenworth Emmanuel on Christmas morning.

Emmanuel called on the police yesterday to take action to bring the perpetrators to justice.

In a written statement issued to the press, Emmanuel said that based on the totality of his knowledge of the state of the Dominica police force investigations into the firebombing and malicious destruction of his house and the attempted murder of his wife, he is satisfied that the police have a credible admission of guilt by the person (s) who carried out the afore stated crime.

Emanuel said further that he was informed that the person (s) who have confessed to the said crimes have implicated two other persons, one being directly involved and the other as being an accessory after the fact at a minimum.

However, according to Emmanuel, while the confessor is incarcerated, the said implicated persons remain at large and have not been arrested by police even on suspicion.

He said the situation is remarkable in light of the fact that since being a victim of the said crimes, his wife and him have suffered much economic and emotional loss and have serious concern for the well-being of other family members, legal associates and office staff.

Emmanuel is calling on the police to act in accordance with the internationally established standards and do their jobs without fear or favor sooner rather than later.

But the top cop said in an interview with the media yesterday, that police is investigating the matter “professionally”.

“Persons can say lots of things. We are perusing every lead that we have. People can come and accuse themselves and accuse other people but you must verify that what is said is the truth. Without verification you cannot just go about arresting and charging people. We want to ensure that we do things properly and that’s what we are doing,” he said.

Carrette said no matter who is involved police will bring the perpetrators to justice.

Meantime the police chief is describing as “utter rubbish”, statements that political pressure is preventing police from adequately dealing with the matter.

“There is no political pressure in the police investigations. We as professionals will investigate crimes the way we know how it is done,” he said.

Carrette said police have interviewed several persons about the Christmas morning bombing.

“There is someone of interest who is at the prison now convicted on another matter. He has been assisting police but we must verify the information that he gave because he gave conflicting statement. We must now try to ensure that we ascertain the veracity of what is being said,” Carrette said.

He said another individual of interest is out of state.

“We need to identify where that person is and get the authorities to try to get the persons back into the country. We will attempt to get that person to return. We will be in contact with our counterparts to have this matter solved,” he added.