The police have admitted to making a huge error in relation to a quantity of money seized in Belfast, Mahaut on Wednesday.

The police had originally reported that over $1-million was seized but is now admitting the amount is much less than that.

In an original release to the media police PRO, Inspector Pellam Jno Baptiste reported that about $1.2-million in various currencies was seized in the community during an operation by the Drug Squad Unit on Wednesday, April 19.

He broke down the money as follows:

-$36,940 un US currency
-$569,170.60 in EC currency
-€167,285 in European currency

However, later Thursday morning, Jno Baptiste said the actual amount of money seized was in excess of EC$550,000 and not $1.2-million as previously reported.

He stated the new breakdown of the money is as follows:

-$36,940 un US currency
-€167,285 in European currency

When both currencies were converted, it came to a total of EC$569,170.60, Jno Baptiste said.

The error occurred when the EC conversion was added to the monies recovered.

“The Commonwealth of Dominica Police Force apologizes to the general public for the errors in the previous release in relation to that seizure,” Jno Baptiste stated.

Meanwhile, two men from Mahaut are in custody in relation to the seizure of the money and investigations are ongoing.