A Venezuelan woman who overstayed on island was ordered to leave the country.

Andrina Marie appeared before Magistrate Candia George at the Roseau Magistrate Court late last week and pleaded guilty to overstaying.

According to the facts of the case from police prosecution, the defendant entered the country via the Melville Hall Airport on 8 June, 2011 and was granted one week stay.  However, Marie failed to leave the country and did not present herself to an immigration officer before the end of the time that she was permitted to stay on the island.

The accused was detained by police personnel during a routine patrol in Portsmouth on July 20 and was subsequently referred to the immigration department where investigation in the matter continued.

Police communicated with the defendant via a Spanish translator.

“The reason I am still here is because my ticket expired. I have to buy a return ticket,” the defendant indicated to police after presenting her passport to them.

“I did not know that I  was granted one week, I went by LIAT this week to check my ticket and they informed me that my name was not there,” Marie said to police. “I just want to buy a ticket and go home.”

During the proceeding police prosecution applied for the removal of the defendant from the state.

Lawyer Julian Prevost made a plea in mitigation on the defendant’s behalf. Prevost, while opening the passport of the defendant, showed Magistrate George that the handwriting of immigration officer who wrote the date and time permitted in the passport was not readable. Prevost pointed out that because the defendant could not understand the handwriting of the immigration officer, she did not know when exactly she was supposed to leave Dominica.

In handing down the sentence, Magistrate George considered that the defendant pleaded guilty and cooperated with the police. She also considered that the handwriting of the immigration officer was unreadable.

Marie was ordered to be removed from the country with proper police escort. No fines were imposed.

The defendant husband suffered a similar fate