Awardee Cuffy-David and DNA President Debra Roach Phillip Photo: Rosie Felix

Awardee, Cuffy-David and DNA President, Debra Roach Phillip. Photo: Rosie Felix

President of the Dominica Nurses Association (DNA), Debra Phillip has said that more emphasis needs to be placed on the hard work performed by the many nurses in Dominica.

Phillip, who spoke to the media recently on the occasion of the 59th anniversary of the DNA, said she also believes that the public should appreciate nurses and give them respect.

“We do not shy off from the fact that some of our nurses need brushing up, but we need to place emphasis on the hard work of the many of our nurses,” she said. “A higher percentage of our nurses are striving for excellence. They are working hard despite the circumstances that we are faced with here.”

Phillip continued, “The public expectation presently, is very high because of the social media, the television, people go out there and they see what’s happening in the first world countries, and they are expecting to have this.”

She added, “Not that I am saying they should not expect a high quality of care. However, because of the circumstances that we have here in Dominica, the onus is on the nurses in Dominica to strive towards that level.”

A gathering of nurses ( File photo)

A gathering of nurses (file photo)

According to Phillip, nurses are challenged and despite that situation, they do their best and perform with excellence.

“There are nurses who are really working hard and even when the patients come, they say had they not been a patient, they would not know how hard nurses are working in Dominica. So, we need to appreciate our nurses,’ she explained.

The DNA is also calling on the public to cooperate with the nurses.

As part of activities for the observance, the DNA, for the first time, presented one deserving nurse with the Elaine Pringle Nurse of the Biennium Award. The recipient was Nurse Jessica Cuffy-David.

Nurse Cuffy-David will be sponsored by the Dominica Nurses Association to attend the Caribbean Nurses Organization conference, which is being hosted this year in Antigua, where she will also be honored.  The Elaine Pringle Nurse of the Biennium will be awarded every two years.

The DNA says that the Elaine Pringle Nurse of the Biennium Award was instituted in honor of “our Nurse icon,” Mrs. Elaine Pringle, who is the only living founding member of the Dominica Nurses Association. Mrs. Pringle held the position of secretary on the first board. She also served on the board of Directors of the Caribbean Nurses Organization from 1959-1961, as the representative of the General Nursing councils and local national nurses associations.

The executive of the Dominica Nurses Association congratulates all nurses on the 59th Anniversary celebration, which was observed under the theme, “Honoring Excellence in Nursing”.