Dominica has progressed despite challenges- Ambrose George

Dominicans called upon to continue to show respect and love for each other
Dominicans called upon to continue to show respect and love for each other

Dominica is said to have progressed tremendously over the years since it gained independence.

The island became independent on November 3, 1978 and according to Acting Prime Minister Ambrose George, since then, it has developed tremendously.

He was speaking at the official opening ceremony of the country’s 36th anniversary of Independence held at the Windsor Park Sports Stadium on Friday.

“When one looks back on the birth of our country, one can conclude that we as a people and a country have progressed tremendously,” he said.

However, the Minister said that progress did not come without challenges.

“Challenges in many forms…whether it was political, whether (it was) conditions which made life difficult,” he explained.

George called on citizens to participate fully in all Independence activities and to showcase the many attributes of Dominica’s heritage noting that  in recent years, there has been greater involvement of youth during the Independence Celebrations.

“I would like to see this year that continued aspect in terms of the involvement of our youth, whether it is in the national dress, traditional dances…playing the role in the celebrations this year,” he said.

He stressed the need to continue to show respect and love for one another and to find “innovate and creative” ways to ensure that the less fortunate are part of the celebrations.

Business owners, Acting PM pointed out, can also “do something different this year, some extra lighting at the business places, showcasing the colours of our flag, decorating the business houses…in particular within the city.”

Ophelia, stunningly clad, performs at the opening of the 2014 Independence celebrations
Ophelia, stunningly clad, performs at the opening of the 2014 Independence celebrations

And talking about showcasing, a cultural ensemble led by an attractively clad and dynamic Ophelia, Dominica’s Lady of Song, and including Tradibelle, Paix Bouche Drummers and Pte. Savanne and Karina cultural groups wowed an appreciative audience with impressive performances to a close, the opening of Independence celebrations 2014.

A surprise performance by Michele Henderson performing her winning Caricom song had the receptive audience at the forecourt of the Windsor Park Sports Stadium wanting more despite the inclement weather.

They had set an impressive impression for the upcoming activities.

Andependans wive.

This year’s Independence is being celebrated under the theme:”Our Nation, Our Responsibility”.

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    September 30, 2014

    when minister fall sick they have to be flown to Martinique and the usa, is this progress..
    police cant solve simple cases, is this progress
    the court systems is plagued with technically, is this progress
    citizens have to line up at the financial center for help, never seen before. is this progress.
    politicians disrespect it citizens when they ask legitimate questions, is this progress.
    Dominican was the main agricultural producing island in the Caribbean right now we produce even less than Antigua, is this progress.
    politicians build houses with values in the millions while it citizens received plastic and wooded houses, is this progress.
    for our young ladies to get jobs or scholarships they have to do despicable acts, is this progress.
    a government after 15 years never built new roads but resurfaced old roads, is this progress.
    a minister was fired three times for questionable acts but later rehired with great flare and disrespect for its citizens, is this progress.
    we are selling or passports and diplomatic passports to the highest paying criminals. is this progress
    Dominica’s poverty statistics has been rising since this government assumed power, is this progress.

    Mr. Ambrose if a few of this pointers are progress made, then I don’t want to be here if you say we are doing great

  2. The Facts
    September 29, 2014

    Some people look at Dominica’s progress negatively because they do not support the ruling Party. This is obvious. They know Dominica has progressed but they will not admit it. You have to be behind time to state that Dominica did not progress.
    Others look at it positively as having progressed. The saying, “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.”
    Of course, Dominica has progressed! Anyone could see it. Those who think not, it appears some of you were not yet born or were babies and children who could not differentiate between progress and non-progress.
    Others might be sleeping. They need to wake up, open their eyes and look around them. Furthermore, their elders who have experienced what it was like in those days will acquaint them with it and how much Dominica has progressed. God bless Dominica!

    • change must come
      September 30, 2014

      how do you rate progress by the citizens becoming beggars and living totally on handouts.

  3. Yuyu
    September 29, 2014

    Writers please stop using Dominica News On Line to express your hatred for the Government. Go and wash your dirty linens elsewhere. If you are unable to say something pleasant about our beloved Dominica to make pleasant reading for the readers just shot your mouth.

  4. September 29, 2014

    Ambrose George:Dominica has retrogressed despite many opportunities .That’s what was supposed to be the Theme Mr.George.
    Mr. George in 1994-95 was first inclined to join the DUWP then the question was what happened. I remember he making an announcement on a political platform.
    Changing the emotion but remaining on theme: Da Has gone places and regressed Mr. George. ej 1977 who closed our pots etc and crippled the country? Again in 79 who brought down DLP? who became short live leader of the DFP? who did former young DFP president give us for President?
    Now, The same character in all the episodes of the DA story not the one written y Dr.Honeychurch. Yhe same character who was mamo’s Gobbles 72-90. The very ghestapo-like official who added his voice to not accept the D/can Cuban grades back in the early to mid and late 80’s.There is a new Gobbles I the NeoDLP camp. This morning while catching on the over night events in the world. I came across something I have been trying to recall and plagarized by the current Neo DLP Gobbles. He told us about 18 months ago that politics was not about the truth. I found where he took this from upon learning of the death of James Trifficant a democrat senator who was imprisoned for taking bribes in 2001 and served time. he died last night in Ohio.
    One for the other plagarizer to hit back the Neos with okay Lennox! Your chance to hit the current Ne -DLP porta voz.
    Going back to the main character. It is two face maybe even multiple face for this character turn president to attend the UN’s 69th session and want to ask Obama to remove the embargo on Cuba what triple satndards Mr. President!
    All I can think of as I blog is former French student activist from 1968 turn right in the early 2000’s Henri Leve who wrote Opportunism with a human face. Da was once a great country politically to live in not now it’s become shitty since 1980 and am afraid it ain’t gonna get better not with what we have today.

    • September 29, 2014

      This Neo group of opportunists they know themselves some were even former comrades( no longer so) for economic reasons etc not acceptable. pure greed. I know we are all by products of dire and some extreme poverty but for the life of me i’ll never trade my soul for the material things of a 2 scores and 10 span. DA is screwed and properly too. Now the funniest part of it is the gaseous Team now team DA says change is a must maybe a mist.

  5. September 29, 2014

    Ambruss go and rest your self Skirret have you all like little boys

  6. no love
    September 29, 2014

    ….julien take the two years easily because he know what he was getting. you escape on the diplomatic passport.he have ml 500 driving now…oh how we does forget but he acting PM now..lost and damned is dominica..

  7. September 29, 2014

    they are preaching war on one side of there mouth and peace and love on the other side of there mouth i really cannot understand these ministers really

    • The Facts
      September 29, 2014

      Make yourself, your comments explicit. Who is preaching war? What type of war and on what, on whom, with whom and with what?

  8. grell
    September 29, 2014

    George show love now,this labour party worships the devil,and you all have caused so much hate among our once loving citizens.

    • The Facts
      September 29, 2014

      Be careful of your words and what you state. As the saying, “Be careful of stones that you throw.” One day you will live to regret them and have to prove them, that you are correct.
      I disagree with you. I have yet to hear the Labour Party spewing hatred in Dominica or on this Website. If there is anything they do, they speak the truth and based on circumstances and comments.
      It is the other way around of causing so much hate among citizens. You have read (I have read) the comments against the PM and his cabinet ministers. This is true hatred, spewing it which cause divisions and disunity among citizens.
      As for once loving citizens, I do not know. Who are they and how many are there? People are judged by what they also state and on this Website.
      As for judging that they worship the devil, you are off course and what you stated is a downright lie. It is the devil which caused you to make such derogatory comments. How he loves to hate, cause others to hate in addition to placing divisions and disunity. This enemy of God, the enemy of our souls has done much of that ever since he and his fallen angels were thrown out of Heaven for rebelliousness and disobedience against God. He continues to do so, on a worldwide scale, no exception in Dominica. Ask yourself, who is truly responsible for this?
      Take note. Be kind to all in also words, even those whom you perceive to be your enemy. They may not be your enemy at all. Speak the truth. The devil is your enemy. Do not encourage him and assist him in his evil works for there is a repercussion for evil actions.

  9. Tj
    September 29, 2014

    Improvements of air access?

  10. Itassi Too
    September 28, 2014

    “Challenges in many forms…whether it was political, whether (it was) conditions which made life difficult,” he explained.
    Ambrose, most of our challenges were political and self inflicted especially the last 12 yrs and ironically, both the present PM and deputy PM have a lot to do with it. Here are a few reminders and questions that still linger in our minds:
    1. The mysterious St. Joseph meeting and the death of Rosie not long after. can we get the truth on this one?
    2. Skerrit’s public confession that he would not contest the 2005 election if Pierre Charles is still PM followed by him bypassing Pierro and went to secret meeting with Chines. Off course Pierro did not even live to contest the 2005 elections. The nation still needs to know the true cause.
    3. In 2002, Pierro fired Ambrose George from his cabinet. Why nou somebody?
    4. In 2008, Skerrit fired Ambrose from his cabinet. But tell us why nou?
    5. In 2004, Skerrit may have renounced Dominica citizenship when he chose to go for French citizenship.
    These political question have placed a cloud of questions over the nation and because of the above, if it had been another democratic nation both the PM and his deputy would be kicked out of office.

  11. jane messam
    September 28, 2014

    Happy Independance Day Dominica and all the beautiful people. Wish I was there to join the celebrations. God bless our beautiful island and we must appreciate what the Lord have given to us.

    • Dgood Dbad & DBruise
      September 29, 2014

      Dominica has 365 rivers so we should be on top of the world with hydroelectricity. Plenty money could be made from the sale of water. However, Dominicans need to always include the boiliing lake and la soufriere volcano in their daily prayers.

    • Views Expressed
      September 29, 2014

      “Appreciate what the Lord has given us….”
      Certainly NOT Skerrit and that corrupt, deceitful, useless, corrupt Labour party..

      These people are dangerous

  12. Anonymous
    September 28, 2014

    The only sector that has progress in Dominica is Ambrose De pm and the other ministers not the poor people u also need to call police constable Lockhart and educate him on how to treat and respect the elderly

  13. Views Expressed
    September 28, 2014

    DE MINISTER FIRED THREE TIMES SAYS: (and that is only progress , it is a record eh)

    “Dominica is said to have progressed tremendously over the years since it gained independence.”
    Mr. Ambrose the headline should read:

    “However, the Minister said that progress did not come without challenges.
    “Challenges in many forms…whether it was political, whether (it was) conditions which made life difficult,” he explained.


  14. Anonymous
    September 28, 2014

    More political rhetoric. by Mr. George. Not the truth.
    But the people do come up with some nice costumes.

  15. # Dominican.#
    September 28, 2014

    We are all in this together!!!!!!!!! one love D/A. God bless Dominica.

  16. frying pan!
    September 28, 2014

    We have progressed in the following:
    1. Bin Bobol
    2.Fertilizer Bobol
    3.Land Transfer deal
    4. Villas thru the sales of black crab
    5.$400,000 dollar house valued at 2 million
    6.We have build three houses in 14 years
    7.We have made our citizens poorer and we now establish a “RED Clinic.”
    8. We now have as ministers the most expensive SUV’S on the road.
    9. We refuse to give civil servants 0.5% increase in salary but we can still squander money by giving LPO’S.
    10. We give contracts to our friends even when they cannot complete on job.

    • john paul
      September 29, 2014

      You forgot the firebombing of Mr. Emanuel.Even with a self confessed fire bomber the status of the case is unknown.Recently the self confessed firebombed was shot drive by style,in order to get protection while in hospital he had to throw pee pee on them ,only then did the Police show up and he was shackled to the bed

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