watertapThe Government of Dominica in conjunction with the Dominica Water and Sewerage Company (DOWASCO) is reporting considerable progress on a number of water projects across the country.

DOWASCO’s Public relations Officer, Edward Registe told the Government Information Service (GIS) that one such project is the $1.5-million Grand Fond Water upgrade project.

“We have quite a few projects that are either recently completed or ongoing. We have the Grand Fond water upgrade project. That project is costing us just over $1.5 million. It’s basically completed, funded by the Basic Needs Trust Fund (BNTF),” he said.

Registe reported that the Grand Fond water project included the construction of a 60,000 imperial gallon storage tank and adjoining pipe works.

“We also had the construction of a new intake because residents of that community for some time were complaining about the inefficiency of the system. They have had regular interruption in their water supply and declining water quality,” Registe noted.

Registe added that a second phase of the project which involves the replacement of the distribution lines is expected to commence shortly.

The Bense water supply project is another project which the DOWASCO official has confirmed is nearing completion.

“That project is costing is just over $3.5-million. Again, residents of Bense , Anse Soldat have been complaining about the inefficiency of the system. With the old intake, residents were challenged by low inflow of water. We had to identify a new location for a new intake and that we did along the Hampstead River, which is about two miles into the forest,” he noted.

Registe explained extensive work had to be done on that project.

“We had to have at least 10 river crossings, which means we had to build little bridges across the river to get to the location of the new intake. Five of those have already been completed,” he revealed.

Registe said the water company DOWASCO is hoping to complete the construction of the five other bridges and construct the new intake by March 30th, 2014.

Meanwhile in the community of Vieille Case, Registe said work is ongoing to significantly improve the supply of water to that community.

The DOWASCO official confirmed that the foundation work for a 30,000 gallon storage tank at Pie has begun. He said a separate storage tank will also be built in Cotor.

Registe said two independent contractors have been employed on that project.

A total of $1-million has been invested by Government in the Vielle Case Water upgrade project.