Blackmoore said funds are available for the works. File photo

Funding has been made available for this current financial year circle, that is to say, 2016/2017 financial year for works on the following police stations:
1. Inspectors quarters in St. Joseph
2. Barracks at Morne Bruce
3. Training school building at Morne Bruce
4. Portsmouth police station
5. Delices police station
6. Generator house for Calibishie police station

To date, both Barracks at Morne Bruce are fully refurbished.

Over nine hundred thousand dollars ($900,00.00) was spent for the refurbishment of the Barracks in question.

In terms of the new building to house the Inspector of Police for the St. Joseph District, the tender process for the selection of a contractor for the construction phase is completed and actual work will start soon.

In so the police stations in Delices and Portsmouth are concerned, estimates from potential contractors for the repairs are presently being evaluated.

The step will be the actual commencement of the repairs on both Delices and Portsmouth police stations.

“It is instructive to mention, from all reports, the officers of both these police stations are aware of the intended repairs,” National Security Minister, Rayburn Blackmoore said in a release. “I have said before and I want to reiterate for the purpose of emphasis, government will continue to ensure that improved condition of work of police officers remain as a top priority on its development agenda.”