This photo of apartment units for the east coast was released earlier this year

The government of Dominica has signed a contract with Montreal Management Consultants Est. (MMCE) Ltd of Canada for housing in various locations on the island including Roseau, Portsmouth and the East Coast.

The contracts were signed by Financial Secretary, Rosamund Edwards and CEO of MMCE Ltd, Dr. Anthony Haiden at a press conference held at the Ministry of Finance conference room on Monday.

“We are finally in a position to sign contracts on some projects we have actually started …,” Project Manager for MMCE, Chris Timmins said while addressing the ceremony. “The plan at the moment is, and the plan in actuality is, we are building 66 units in La Plaine, 66 residencies in San Sauveur, 66 in Grand Fond, 66 in Castle Bruce, 66 in Delices. That’s on the East Coast.”

Sixty-six units are also under construction in Georgetown, Picard and Cotton Hill.

According to Timmins, Roseau City Square which is due to start in the final quarter of this year and will include 120 units.

These units are made up of 10 one-bedroom units, 55 two-bedroom units, 35 three-bedroom units and 25 commercial units.

“We are proud of our products,” he stated. “We have been on the island now for two years, we started up in Bellevue on residential construction in May 2017.”

He said construction at Bellevue stopped due to Hurricane Maria but started in May 2018 and the first units are now in their final stage.

“We feel that we now are in a position to offer to the country the most resilient product that is available with modern technology,” Timmins noted.

The slated delivery dates for the units will begin in June 2019 in Castle Bruce through December 2019 on the East Coast.

In Georgetown and Picard, it is anticipated the units will be delivered in July 2019 and Cotton Hill, September 2019.

“The Roseau City Square, it will be 12 months from commencement, so given the present state we anticipate the completion there no later than 2019,” Timmins indicated.

Meantime, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Housing, Lucien Blackmoore, who gave an overview of the project, said in the East Coast about 330 residential units are going to be constructed.

“We have already started works in Castle Bruce; we will be having 66 units,” he stated. “Of course, we have already started in San Sauveur where we have another 66 units, Delices likewise and La Plaine likewise. In Grand Fond we have two sites where we call Grand Fond A and Grand Fond B.”

Blackmoore explained that Grand Fond A is adjacent to the Primary School and Grand Fond B is opposite the playing field.

“All the sites are ready in very active and advanced stage of development,” he revealed.

He added, “For some of the buildings along the East Coast, I also need to clarify to you that we have them in blocks and every block would have 33 units. So what we intend to do in the sites of Castle Bruce, San Sauveur, La Plaine, Delices and Grand Fond, one of those buildings, the ground floor would be dedicated as regional shelters in that area.”

The contract was signed on Monday