The Marigot Hospital

Health Minister Julius Timothy has announced that the Marigot Hospital will be remodeled into a trauma centre, the first of its kind in the country, to facilitate residents from Portsmouth to Delices.

There have been several calls to upgrade the Marigot hospital which is located in the vicinity of the Melville Hall airport.

According to the health minister the concept and designs for the Trauma centre are being finalized, with construction scheduled to  begin next year.

“We are now in the process of organizing to build a new hospital at Marigot. What we have in mind because of the location close to the airport is to make it a trauma centre,” the minister said.

Timothy indicated that this was being done so that “accidents from Portsmouth to Delices will not clog up the Princess Margaret, those on that side would go to the  Marigot Trauma Centre and the Princess Margaret hospital would deal with the rest of the island”.

Minister Timothy also says that plans for the new state of the art Princess Margaret Hospital are ongoing.

“Right now we’re in the design stage for the new hospital facility; we have prepared the outline as to exactly what we want in the compound and we are trying to prepare a design for the Chinese”. Timothy explained.

The new Princess Margaret Hospital will be constructed by the Chinese government while the Trauma Centre in Marigot will be done by local contractors.