PM Roosevelt Skerrit breaking ground for the new police station back in 2010. File photo

PM Roosevelt Skerrit breaking ground for the new police station back in 2010. File photo

The Parliamentary Representative for the Grand Bay Constituency Justina Charles is hoping that the availability of a new Police Station will help address crime and violence in the south.

Charles was speaking before the official opening of a new $3.7 million police station in Grand Bay carded to get underway from 4 pm today (Tuesday).

The Grand Bay Police Station was previously located in a rented building for over 12 years.

Charles said it is government’s hope that peace will now prevail in the communities the new station will serve.

“Now that we have a new police station, with more space and an improved environment, we are hoping that will serve as an impetus for them (the police) to continue to work. We hope to see an improvement in the work of the police officers and a greater presence of the police in the communities,” she explained.

The construction of the facility has been in the pipeline for several years but official construction began in August, 2010.

It will serve the communities of Fond St Jean, Petite Savanne, Bagatelle, Dubique, Grand Bay, and Tete Morne.

It comprises three separate apartments which will cater for male and female officers and a sergeant.

The new building will also include storage space, offices, garage area, temporary holding cells, generator house and water storage tanks.

Meantime, 10 single parents in the south will be presented with the keys to their new homes today.

Charles said all the communities that are benefiting, are happy with the recipients.

“We had about 33 persons who had applied for houses and out of that, we looked at the socio economic situation of all and to see whether they were employed and could assist themselves. We felt among the 33, the ten were the most in need,” she explained.

The new police station and the houses were funded by the government of Venezuela.