-Residents within the municipal limits of the town of Portsmouth are informed that by resolution no. 5 of 2011, land and house rates for 2011 are due and payable.

Residents are asked to visit the Portsmouth town council office collect their statements.

Residents who are in arrears are required to bring their accounts up to date.

The Portsmouth Town Council has adopted the following policy:

Residents who fail to settle their land and house rates, both current and arrears will be faced with legal action towards the collection of amounts due to the council

Please be guided accordingly.

-As of August 22nd 2011 the Portsmouth Town Council will be dissolved. Nomination Day for candidates for the upcoming elections will be on August 25th 2011.

Election of a new Portsmouth Town Council will be held on September 14th 2011

All Persons interested in contesting or participating in the upcoming elections should contact the Portsmouth Town Council office at 445-5142 to 445- 5212 for further information.