Having spent to the tune of $116 M for realizing same‐day connection capability and ICAO compliance at Melville Hall Airport every civic‐minded Dominican earnestly looks forward to the bountiful rewards of this essential development and the advancement of our air access to the next level.

It is with much delight therefore that the disclosure of the interest expressed by the USA agent for REDjet, Emerald Express Charters, Inc of Naples, Florida is made.

On June 7, 2011 Mr. Jimmy Maldonado, President of Emerald Express Charters, Inc and Emerald Express Cargo emailed the Melville Hall Airport authority to request performance and physical details of the runway.

According to Mr. Maldonado the requested information is for analyzing the possibility of starting a charter service between Florida and the Melville Hall Airport.

The proposed airplane intended to use for that service is the McDonnell Douglas MD‐82 jet aircraft capable of carrying 167 passengers.

The length of that aircraft is 147 ft – 8 in (45 m) with a wingspan of 107 ft – 8 in (32.8m) and the Maximum Take‐off Weight (MTOW) is 149, 500 lbs. The required runway length for the MD‐82 jet aircraft at MTOW condition is 5,000 ft (1,500 m) for dry surface runway and 5,700 ft (1,700 m) for wet runway.


The McDonnell Douglas MD‐82 Jet Aircraft


And based upon the assessment and review of Emerald Express Charters, Inc supported by information they received from Jeppesen (Jeppesen is the foremost global aviation authority on flight charts and airport rating) the Company has confirmed that there “won’t be a problem to land and takeoff at the maximum payload if the Takeoff Distance Available (TODA) is actually 8,353 ft”.

Indeed the TODA at the Melville Hall Airport on Runway 09 (the only permitted takeoff runway at Melville Hall Airport) is 8,353 ft as published in the Eastern Caribbean Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP) of the Trinidad and Tobago
Civil Aviation Authority. Please see the main navigational and runway physical characteristics at the end of the article on the copy of the Aerodrome Chart – ICAO for Melville Hall Airport for further information.

In addition to the runway length prerequisites, the asphaltic concrete pavement also possesses the desired strength requirement to safely accommodate the MTOW of 149, 500 lb since as a matter of fact the Pavement Classification Number (PCN) for Melville Hall Airport runway, taxiway and apron is 71/F/A/X/T which means that pavement can safely support a MTOW of up to 265,000 lbs. That is to say the runway, taxiway and apron at Melville Hall Airport can carry more than 44% of the fully laden MD‐82 jet aircraft which REDjet intends using.

REDjet is the Caribbean’s original Low Fares Airline (LFA) which is currently introducing a run of low fare routes across the Caribbean. The airline is promising greater reliability, non‐stop flights and the lowest airfares. REDjet is seeking to put
forward the fastest, most convenient and most affordable way to travel in the Caribbean.

REDjet’s maiden airports of operation are Bridgetown (Barbados), Port of Spain (Trinidad), Georgetown (Guyana) and Kingston (Jamaica). Their fares will be available through REDjet’s website, call centre and other designated retail locations.

According to the company’s release, passengers will also be able to book their low fare online or via our call centre and pay at Paymaster locations.

The airline is privately owned and incorporated in St. Lucia. Its business offices are situated in Grantley International Airport in Barbados where it is expected to open its first aircraft base with its initial two aircrafts.

The Company has two (2) McDonnell Douglas MD‐82MD‐82 jet aircraft which are fitted with 149 seats and powered by two JT8D – 217A engines. The airline has also announced that REDjet “intends to open bases across the region as it develops routes
to exciting destinations across the Caribbean, Latin America and to the US”.

The Dominican Authority therefore looks forward with great interest and anticipation to being included among the exciting destinations across the Caribbean, Latin America and the USA serviced by REDjet.

Map of Melville Hall Airport