Austrie. *Photo credit: Sean Douglas

(DNO) Acting Prime Minister Reginald Austrie says more should be done to advance the Kalinago culture within the education sector.

Austrie made the remarks at the official opening of the Salybia Primary School this week.

“Let us ensure that our children continue to learn about our culture. People are losing touch of their culture and once you lose touch, you are losing touch of yourself. You can play a bigger part in teaching your children the Kalinago language,” he said.

Austrie appealed to the teachers to work with the Ministry of Education and the principal.

“We have given you this school…it is yours school…you can use the structure to train the young people in various aspects of culture for which you are world famous. I want you to do more to advance the Kalinago nation and I know you have the potential for doing so,” he said.