Mr. Austelle Lockhart (right) receives donation from student.

Roving Care Programme received a contribution of toys from some students of Form 5-2 of the Castle Bruce Secondary on December 17, 2010.

The initial step was taken by the form teacher Ms. N. Cuffy after a session with the RCP. She encouraged students to make a financial contribution towards the purchase of some toys to facilitate the programme.

Students made generous contributions despite the strenuous economic times facing everyone today, and one student assisted in the purchasing of the items. The teacher was quite contented with the munificence of her students, and is encouraged to take on another project some time in the future. It is hoped that this activity will foster a sense of charity among students. Upon receipt of the donation, Senior Project Officer of the RCP Mr. Austelle Lockhart commented that it is most often the negative activities of our youth that are highlighted, but he was pleased to recognize the positive, and was extremely appreciative of the gesture.

The Roving Caregivers’ Programme is an informal early childhood education programme that seeks to reach children birth to three years of age who do not have access to any formal early childhood education. Early stimulation for children and parenting education for parents form the core of the programme.

The RCP addresses the development needs of the very young in disadvantaged conditions where children benefit from: quality care and attention, development of basic skills, better health and nutrition, and at the next level, better performance in pre-school and future education. The RCP utilizes a home visitation modality for parents and their children birth -3 years. RCP acknowledges the parent as the Childs primary teacher and therefore involves the parent in the home stimulation, utilizes toys and activities that are age appropriate and encourages the continuity of activities even after the caregiver leaves.

RCP is a safety net for children 0-3 who are denied any form of early stimulation and are generally exposed to inappropriate practices. The programme also provides parenting workshops aimed at providing parenting tips on effective parenting emphasizing the rights, safety, and overall well-being of children.

The programme has been ongoing in the parish of St. David for the past 6 years and is currently being spread to Grand Fond, St. Joseph and Concord with an aim to include seven other communities within three years.