Cases of sexual abuse are the highest forms of abuse committed against Dominica’s children this year, according to the Welfare Division.

Chief Welfare Officer Martin Anthony said sex abuse cases have been rising by the month and that challenge could continue well into 2011.

“We continue to see from our records a number of children are still being abused; we see sexual abuse topping the various forms of abuse and on a monthly basis, we are seeing that is showing, that sexual abuse of our children,” he said.

The majority of reports on the child sex abuse matter here are “factual”. A recent UNICEF study conducted in six countries of the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States, showed child sexual abuse is a problem in Dominica.

But the Welfare head says officials will take on the challenge.

“We’re committing ourselves in providing the necessary resources; if a child has to be taken from an environment that is not conducive, we continue to respond by having the child taken into foster care. We continue to work for the development and the formal opening for the residential Place of Safety at Jimmit,” Anthony added.