Critique Image“The Dawn” is a poem written by Giftus John who was born in St. Joseph and is currently an author of five books, including a collection of poems, “The Island Man Sings His Song”, from which the following piece was extracted.

This literary piece sets a calm mood and delivers an image of a new day’s awakening as it provides hope of a successful day ahead. John also gives us a peaceful mood following the tone of this poem. It is beautiful because he took something so simple – something we take for granted all the time – and put it in a majestic light. All are believed to be familiar with dawn, or daybreak, and so the idea of the poem seems as if to open the artistic eyes of individuals and give a view of how fascinating the arrival of a new day really is.

The piece is applauded for its profound structure. Repetition of the phrase “slowly it climbs” helps to capture the audiences attention while drawing them towards a description of this majestic setting. Because the poem is written in Free Verse Style (without rhymes) John could give his own shape to the poem how he desired. However, most readers/listeners would prefer a rhyme scheme which can contribute to the rhythm of the poem.

Overall, this piece is greatly commended.

The Dawn by Giftus John

Slowly it climbs
See how it illuminates the sails
Out on the distant water.

Slowly it climbs
Over the still dark mountains,
Majestic and bright.

The sun rises
Shining with all its glory.
Slowly it climbs
Like a baby waking from a peaceful sleep.

Slowly the dawn conquers
Dispelling the darkness, giving hope.
Slowly it takes control of everything before it,
Everything in its path.
The Dawn rises.