Teachers at the DAT AGM

The Dominica Association of Teachers (DAT) has recognized and awarded three teachers who contributed significantly to education in Dominica.

The awards were presented by President of the DAT Celia Nicholas to Rayner Henderson, former principal of the Grandbay Primary School; Oliver Samuel, retiree of the Petite Savanne Primary School; Eugenia Joseph Blanc, retiree from the Trafalgar Primary School.

Speaking at the 19th Annual General Meeting of the DAT at the St. Alphonsus Parish Hall in Goodwill on Wednesday April 19th, Chairperson and Public Relations Officer of the DAT, Juanita Carbon, stated that these person have shown dedication in their field.

“We thank them for their dedicated service to education in Dominica and also to the Dominica Association of Teachers. Thank you very much,” she remarked.

Unfortunately, the awardees were not present at the AGM, and so representatives received the awards on their behalf.

Valencia Webb, Education International, The Canadian Teachers Federation, Dalrymple and Associates, and the Central Cooperative Credit Union were also acknowledged for their contribution to DAT.