Jean Thomas-Jeremy

In July 2009, I was selected to attend a one week workshop organized by the Ministry of Education in collaboration with Lynchburg College in Virginia.

At the end of day two of the workshop I was convinced that I had to pursue studies in Special Education with that institution.  Since the course was being offered for credits which could go towards either a first degree or Master’s degree I enrolled and completed the requirements for obtaining these credits.

I was able to obtain a full scholarship from the government of Dominica in July of 2011 which made my studies at Lynchburg College possible.  I must say that I have had a very rewarding experience at the college and being able to complete the master’s program in one academic year has been very challenging but fruitful.

I graduated on May 12th 2012.

My experience working with struggling learners at the North East Comprehensive School has been the impetus in studying Special Education as my passion really is in literacy.  However, when I decided to pursue studies in Literacy Education, I was advised that Special Education is a much broader field and encompasses literacy.

I am thankful to those persons who advised me as well as the Dean of Graduate Studies at Lynchburg College who jokingly said, “Do Special Education, I teach that course”.

I have acquired much knowledge in terms of diagnosis of students with disabilities as well as strategies to teach these students to help them experience some level of academic success.  On my return home, I am looking forward to the opportunity to impact and influence change among the population of students with disabilities.

A big thank you to Lynchburg College who offers reduced tuition to Dominican students, the Government of Dominica, my family and friends who supported me throughout my course of study.