The Roseau Public Library

The Dominica Library and Information Service is reporting a loss of about $1.7 million in the book loss following the passage of Hurricane Maria.

Chief Librarian, Vernanda Raymond said the loss at the Roseau Public Library was heartwrenching.

“We have lost the majority of our reference collection, our adult circulation, our children circulation, our black history collection, a number of our first edition of our West Indian material which is so heart wrenching for us,” she said.

Raymond reported that literature books and items such newspaper collections, print journal collections and other material saved for use by the public was also impacted.

She explained that thousands of books were lost in the entire service.

“So in total, the Dominica Library and Information Service has a loss of 25,000 volumes in terms of the entire library service,” Raymond stated. “In terms of just stock, and we are basically looking at books, we are in the range of $1.7-million…”

She stated the Portsmouth Public Library remains closed and over 3,000 volumes of books were lost there.

The Portsmouth Library was also impacted, that library is closed at the location, we have lost over 3,000 volumes of books there as well.

Raymond said apart from book stock, equipment, such as computers, were also impacted by the hurricane.