Heimish Blaize, Megan Vidal, Jada Madison Joseph, Nechante Leblanc, Naome Samuel

Heimish Blaize, Megan Vidal, Jada Madison Joseph, Nechante Leblanc, Naome Samuel

Students of the Roseau Primary School, St. John’s Primary, St. Martin Primary and Ebenezer SDA have topped this year’s Grade Six National Exams (G6NA).

Heimish Blaize, of the Roseau Primary School, was the top performer, despite the school’s two-month haitus at the beginning of the school year to harbour residents of Petite Savanne who were displaced by the passage of Tropical Storm Erika.

In an interview on Monday, he told the press, “I feel excited. I guess I feel proud of myself also.”

Blaize stated that the late start of the school year did not at all hamper his educational progress, and noted that the exams weren’t “too difficult.”

The student, who hopes to attend St. Mary’s Academy, in September, thanked his school, mother, and relatives for pushing him toward his goal.

Teacher at the Roseau Primary, Corine George, revealed that teachers met with students in the upper levels, even while the school compound was occupied by displaced residents, in order to complete the syllabus.

“We were meeting so we could continue our studies, although the rest of the school was at home [because] we had a lot more work to do,” she said. “We stayed longer in the afternoons because we realized we had lost a lot of time, and we had to catch up.”

Jada-Madison Joseph, and Nechante Leblanc, both of the St. John’s Primary, came second and fourth, respectively.

An elated Joseph spoke to DNO, expressing her excitement at the news.

“I’m so happy… I’m just overwhelmed, excited, everything. I’m just so glad for myself,” the 11-year-old articulated.

Both students, who hope to attend the St. John’s Academy, thanked their parents, teachers, and relatives for helping them to excel.

In the third position was Megan Vidal, of the St. Martin’s Primary School.

Vidal stated that although she expected hard work to place her within the top five, her faith played an important role in the matter.

“Since everybody was believing in me, and hoping for me, I was really hoping for it. I really believed that I could do it with God’s help, because with God’s help, everything is possible,” Vidal explained. “And, I pushed hard, I studies hard, so I believed that at least I would come out in the top five.”

The 11-year-old named the Convent High School as her school of choice.

Naome Samuel, of Ebenezer SDA, who came fifth, said that studying helped her tremendously.

“Well, all tests are hard, but unless you actually study, and know your work, you will think all of them are especially hard. Certain aspects of the test were different from the curriculum, but because of studying, stuff that just passed by, it came back,” Samuel stated.

They all received four A’s.