Saint Jean

Minister for Education Petter Saint Jean believes the second National Mathematics Contest and the first National Excellence Principal’s Award for both primary and secondary schools is another step towards
improving and refining the quality of education that is being delivered here.

The Education Minister expressed those thoughts as he addressed the launching of the two major events on April 1, 2011.

The purpose of the Mathematics Contest and the National Principals’ Award was designed to provide the Ministry of Education with an opportunity to identify excellence within the school system.

Saint Jean said that his Ministry is committed to taking education to the next level.

“From the perspective of my office, both are strategic policy instruments that must be managed effectively and efficiently so that we may benefit from improved student output and its related outcomes and impact,” he said.

The minister added that when students are unable to cope with mathematics at higher levels, they develop a dislike for the subject and that is a concern to the Ministry of Education.

“We are compelled, therefore, to rethink the way that we teach mathematics. The Ministry of Education is very sensitive to these results and we accept that one of the first steps in addressing them is to improve the teaching skills and tools of our mathematics teachers and the supervisory skills of our principals. That is why
under the Education Enhancement Programme, this year, the Government of Dominica is awarding 12 scholarships to teachers in secondary schools to pursue a first degree in mathematics. We believe this will augment their skills and so reflect on the ground in the various schools,” he said.

Additionally, the Government of Dominica, in recent years, has provided 95 percent financial assistance to teachers pursuing a mathematics degree at the University of the West Indies.

The Ministry of Education’s vision is to provide quality education for the sole purpose of human resource development.