Robinson stressed the importance of rest before exams. Photo: GIS

Robinson stressed the importance of rest before exams. Photo: GIS

Acting Education Officer, Candia Robinson, recommends that parents allow students breathing space this week ahead of the Grade Six National Assessment.

One thousand eighty-six students will take the annual test on Thursday May 26th and Friday May 27th, 2016.

This year 549 boys will sit the exam, 23 more than last year.

Five hundred and thirty- seven girls will also sit the exam, as compared to last year’s 532.

The Acting Education Officer for Curriculum, Measurement and Evaluation, cautioned parents whose children will be sitting the exams this week.

“One of the things that happened is that the students are put under so much pressure, and parents when they get the results they say they expected their child to have performed better. A lot of times because the child has been put under a lot of pressure they are very nervous during the day. We are advising parents to give it a little rest… and especially during the time of exams you do not stay at the center. Drop the child off and leave.” she stressed.

The Ministry of Education reports a 3% increase in the number of students registered to sit the exam this year.

Robinson wants students to be relaxed during the exams since this will allow them to perform better.

On day one, students will be tested on language arts and social studies, while on day two, mathematics and science will be administered.

All exams will be single multiple- choice papers, except language arts. This will consist of two components; a sixty item multiple choice paper and a composition paper.

The examinations are scheduled to begin at 8:00 am with an assembly at 7:45am, at 53 centres around the island.