Students of the school

Keeping it 100 Good Things Campaign has donated back to school supplies to all of the children who attend the Sineku Primary School in the Kalinago Territory, Dominica.

The Keeping it 100 Good Things Campaign was founded by the children and grandchildren of community leader Sylvina Jno-Finn in honor of her 100th birthday in 2017. Mrs. Jno-Finn has dedicated her life to helping others in her community, with an emphasis on educational excellence. Her children and grandchildren wanted to honor her by giving back to her community in her honor.

Mrs. Jno-Finn was born in Castle Bruce, Dominica and was orphaned at an early age. She learned early in life the value of a supportive community and has fostered community for the entirety of her life. Education is important to Sylvina Jno-Finn and she would frequently provide childcare to community children while their parents worked. Sylvina has a signature phrase, “You have to get something to do.”

After providing school supply filled backpacks to all students at the Castle Bruce Primary School, the campaign had leftover school supplies. Continuing the spirit of giving that the Keeping it 100 Good Things Campaign embodies, Castle Bruce Primary School Principal, Jovin Joseph, recommended giving the leftover supplies to another school in need, Sineku Primary School.

Sineku Primary School, located in the Hamlet of Mahaut River in the Kalinago Territory, educates 109 students. Dominica is the only Eastern Caribbean Island that still has a population of pre-Columbian native Caribs, who were exterminated or driven from neighboring islands.

The Kalinago Territory is home to the indigenous people of Dominica. Mrs. Jno-Finn is a native of Dominica and her children and grandchildren wanted to honor her by also providing needed educational materials to the first inhabitants of the island.

“We only had 30 backpacks left from Castle Bruce and we knew it wouldn’t be enough for the 109 students at Sineku. So the children and grandchildren formed another drive to provide school supplies including notebooks and pencils to all 109 students. The 30 backpacks will be given to the current senior class,” said Erma Green, granddaughter of Mrs. Jno-Finn.

Kathleen Jno-Lewis, Principal of Sineku Primary School said, “The principal, staff, students, and parents of the Sineku primary school extend their sincerest gratitude to the Keeping it 100 Good Campaign for its invaluable contribution. We deeply appreciate the donation and assure them we will make good use of the materials received.” Kenny Lecointe, community leader and coordinator of the distribution activity added, “I was quite elated to be a part of this momentous occasion. I must say a big thank you to the Jno-Finn family who saw it so fitting to invest in our youth.”

The purpose of the Keeping it 100 Good Things Campaign is to impact the lives of 100 people in the year before Sylvina Jno-Finn’s 100th birthday. This donation to Sineku Primary School more than completes that goal. The family plans to celebrate Sylvina Jno-Finn’s 100th birthday in October 2017.