Students hard at work

In the spirit of unity and co-operation, principal and staff of the Tete Morne Primary school along with a groupĀ  of students both past and present, reported to school on Saturday 12th November to do their share of community service.

The activity was previously planned for the School’s Community Service Day carded for November 2nd 2011. However,it did not materialize due to some constraints.

The group undertook some painting, weeding and scrubbing on that day. The enthusiastic students gave their all and did an excellent job.

Principal Mrs Nathalie Jude,extends special thanks to Mrs Justina Charles,Parliamentary Representative of the area as well as the Tete Morne Village Council for their generous contribution of paint and snacks provided for the activity.Thanks also to the parents for supporting and allowing the children to participate in the activities.

Last, but not least,thanks to the teachers who sacrificed their Saturday.