Triffian Benjamin

Triffian Benjamin, an 11-year-old student from Wesley, has been named as the first recipient of a five-year scholarship from the Northeast USA Wesley Committee.

The scholarship was awarded based on academic performance, discipline and need, the committee said in a release.

Funding will include books, uniform and school tuition.

Northeast USA Wesley Committee says this is the first time it is awarding a scholarship to a student in Wesley and it hopes to extend this program by awarding a new scholarship at the onset of each academic year.

The committee is a non-profit organization based in New Jersey and was formed for the sole purpose of benefiting the village of Wesley by assisting with community development projects.

All of the committee’s members are originally from Wesley and reside in the tri-state area of the north-eastern United States.

Over the past few years the committee has undertaken/contributed to several community-based projects, including the installation and maintenance of 25 street lights throughout the village of Wesley.